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Adjustable "My Angel Is Always With Me" Avaialble in 3 Colors & Fits Women & Men

To Benefit The Jordy Foundation


My Angel Is Always With Me Jordy Bracelet

  •  A few weeks before her second birthday Jordyn/Jordy Negron was having high fevers on and off.  The doctors did the usual tests including blood work. A week before her second birthday our family was given the most devastating news, Jordy was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was immediately admitted to the hospital.

    Jordyn spent her second birthday in the hospital and stayed in the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia for 5 months of intense treatment leading to a bone marrow transplant. All through this time our little warrior was smiling and asking all the nurses what�s your name?

    The whole time she lived in this small hospital room with her parents who would not leave her side.

    In December of 2018 we were given the greatest news of all Jordy was in remission. The doctors admitted they were happily surprised due to the strain of Leukemia.

    Unfortunately they were right two months later after testing we were told it came back, after that Jordys battle was worse then ever. Shortly after her third birthday Jordy was taken from us. I am writing this story with tears in my eyes as Jordy was our little princess warrior. Her nurses told us she had an unbelievable effect on their lives because in her small tiny body she had the heart of a fighter.

    In her honor and because of all we learned as a family because of our little gem we have started the Jordy Foundation.

    Our first mission is to supply Ipads & Kindle Fire Tablets to children bedridden in hospitals that are less fortunate and cannot afford them.

    These tablets are their only source of amusement while going through traumatic treatments. They can use them to watch movies, play games and listen to their favorite music.

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